How to Use WhatsApp In Jio Phone? Use This Trick

If company delivered you 4G VoLTE Support Jiophone. Then you noticed that this phone does not support Whatsapp. However, before the delivery, people was being said that this phone would be like a smartphone and it will play WhatsApp also. Then If you facing problem of not using WhatsApp on Jiophone, then here we are going to tell you a trick, that how to use WhatsApp in Jio Phone.

How to Use WhatsApp In Jio Phone? Use This Trick

Note : This post is created after asking a question by a user that asked " can we use whatsappon jio phone?"

How to Use WhatsApp In Jio Phone?

Follow the blow steps carefully for use WhatsApp in Jio Phone. Jio Phone have kai os that dont support whatsapp so you can not download whatsappfor jio phone. But by our trick you can use it so let's start.

Step 1- First turn on the Jio phone and turn on the Internet connection.

Step 2- Now go to the phone's web browser and type web.Whatsapp.com and press Ok button.

Step 3- Now the webpage of WhatsApp will open up to you and A QR code will appear. Scan this QR code.

Step 4 - Now on your smartphone, go to WhatsApp app and go to WhatsApp web. Click on Whatsapp web you will get the option of scanning the QR code.

Step 5 - Now scan your QR code in your phone from the smartphone. Now you can enjoy Whatsapp with your smartphone in your Jiophone.


How to Remove Your Number Permanent from Truecaller?

If you are a smartphone user, you will be aware of the True Caller app. In this service your name and information go to call receiver while calling on smartphone. This app is good but not for all becuase many users do not want to share their information with other people. But 70% user do not know that how to remove the number information from True Caller. 

Let us know that in order to do this you have to delete your mobile number from the true caller. Ok now we are going to tell you that how to delete number from True Caller android app.

How to remove number or name from true caller list?

How to Delete Your Number Permanently from True Caller ?

If you also want to keep this information private by deleting the numbers from the true caller manually, then follow these steps.

Step 1- First open the True Caller app and tap the People icon appearing on the top and now go to Settings and tap on About.

Step 2- Here click on the deactivate account. Now Go to www.truecaller.com/unlist and enter your number and tap on the option and do the reason.

Step 3- After this, enter Verification Captcha and click on Unlist. After this, your number will be removed from the true Caller within 24 hours.

Note- Even after deleting the number from the true Caller, the number appears again in its database. If this happens you will have to re delete.


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YouTube Users Will be Able to Screen Pinch-to-Zoom Now

If you like to watch videos on youtube then this news is only for you because Google has added a new feature for its YouTube users. Users in this feature will be able to zoom the screen for good quality while watching videos. Some time ago Google has added a pinch-to-zoom feature in YouTube only for its smartphone Pixel 2 XL. In this feature you can crop16: 9 video into 18: 9 display.

How to use YouTube Screen Pinch-to-Zoom feature ?

Now Google recently has rolled out this feature in the latest YouTube update for the rest of the smartphone.

How to Use This New Feature on YouTube?

This update can be seen in YouTube's latest update v12.44 on Android. So if you do not have this feature yet, install Update Version 12.44 of YouTube on Playstore.

Google Changing Design or Features on YouTube :

Now a days google changing youtube functions and design. Some time ago they added HDR support for the video. And now they had changed its design and gave it a new look with new features to YouTube with redesign and also made changes to its red color's YouTube icon.


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