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how to take a good selfie for instagram

If you are a selfie lover !! You must ever looking how to take a good selfie ? isn't? Taking selfies is not a easy task so 89% people do not know the the exact process of it. Through a better selfie, you can show your confidence, personality and fashion sense to the world. Now a days taking different types of selfies is a most popular trends on social medias. Peoples create many selfies and hope to get a good amount of likes on Facebook, Instagram etc. For a better shot, many things are responsible like camera, your face, angle and a good planning. You are on techindiaz and there are many tips to taking awesome selfies that make your poses for selfies with friends and audience will love that seen.
how to take selfies like a model

Try Different Ways And Take A Good Selfie.

Check out blow tips for how to capture a fantastic selfie with or without high pixel cameras. 

1.) Be happy and keep smile

A sad face is symbol of bad impression. Whenever you go to take a selfie make sure your face is sweet and cheerful because your face says a lot about you so make it great. Show new experiments with new hairstyle, poses and angles.
Keep expressions and sweet smile on your face. Choose a better dress up that good on you similar make some sense on you.
Take a selfie holding something or eat your food as well drink some.

2.) Catch a good angle.

While taking a selfie or picture, a good angle is a lot. Always experiment with different angles and don't keep your head straight just turn it few degrees. Keep your eyes fixed at some right or left. Hold your camera on right hand keep it few up.
Here are a few tips for how to take selfies like a model !!
Capture more than 5 pics in different angles and check your best side that is good. Change your hair style while taking the photo and keep confidence.
One thing you should remember that keep camera clean and take selfie at least up to chest. A natural look can give you a better selfie than artificial look. Focus on your better position.

3.) Keep interesting Expressions.

Show a perfect expression over a sweet smile because a little silly pic can make a hug impression than a simple pic. I recommend you to keep yourself cool and fantastic and try some funny actions.
Do something that will make your friends crazy. Try close and open mouth both while smiling and also you can try to put a hand on the head it will make your selfie nice. Have you ever seen that laughing selfie create a best impression so try that once and meke your selfie awesome.
Do not keep the smartphone close to the face, keep it at some distance it will help you to taking a best selfie. Make sure your expression looks authentic because a real look can do a good job so try to capture yourself when you're feeling an emotion. Try taking a selfie when you're in good mood that make your expressing sweet and cool.

4.) Try full length photo.

A friend asked me ! how to take a good selfie for instagram ? My answer was that take a full length selfie that will show a great fabulous figure seen. Full length selfies are trending and everyone want to capture it. Taking it is not a big deal, you will need to a full length mirror to capture your body and if you have not it then ask your friends to capture your selfie pic from head to toe.
Here are some points to how to take a selfie in the mirror !!"
Take a full body pic which should focus completely on your figure. Remove background things that make waste your selfie. Choose a full clean mirror and if your friends taking then make sure your background is cool.

5.) Use Self Timer

When you take selfies, it is very difficult to touch the camera button given on the screen at that time. So i recommend you to keep self timer while taking selfie it will help you to capture a better selfie because there is no any fear of moving the photo.

6.) Make Lights Good

When you taking selfies, keep in mind that there is no darkness, take it in a light place. And if you're taking selfie at night then you must use a best white light that falls on you, in this situation the picture will appear very clearly. But remember, don't use more dark light it can spoil your selfie so be smart and also avoid standing just ahead of light. Use that tips and take selfies like a model.

7.) Focus On Your Background

If want a capture a selfie like a model then you much use a better background. Taking a better selfie is not focus only on you it depends also on the background which you choose. A sweet background can make your selfie as a professional. Keep yourself in the position that you are in front of the background and want to show to the people.
Remember some tips for how to take a good selfie.
Use nature as a background because nature is a best background for any type photography. Choose some interesting natural places like green field, flower's field or water places etc.
If you at home use some beautiful things as a background like sweet paintings, natural displays, books etc provided they do not get distracted.

8.) Use a natural look.

A natural look can attract more peoples than a artificial face. Over make up can spoil your selfie so use it a little. A little make-up can help your face naturally, especially when you make a lot of makeup for your selfies.
Here some tips to take a natural selfie.
Use natural background or natural displays.
Don't over make up only some little.
Avoid more bright lighting.
Keep better hair style.

9.) Try phone's back camera.

Generally, smartphone have two cameras one forward and one behind but you must have seen that the camera back camera gives higher Resolution picture than front camera. So one time you must use phone's back camera for selfie its give you a better selfie experience. I know while taking selfie via back camera you will have some trouble but keep practice, you will success in some times.

10.)  Use Burst Mode

It is often seen that despite good efforts, you can not take better selfies its have many reasons but photo moving is most. Then for its solution i would suggest you to use some time burst mode that gives you many pictures at once and makes a better picture for you. Its method is best for selfie lovers so you must use it at least one time.

11.) Capture selfie with selfie sticks.

If you want to make your selfie fantastic ! Take help of selfie sticks. Now a days selfie sticks are trending like crazy so you must use that once. There is no any problem for capture button because its given at sticks so don't worry for it.

12.) Collect some people to bring in the shot.

If there are more than one person in the photo, it can improve your publicity so much. So If you could just cover at least 3 peoples to bring a selfie. Its not important that you must capture with peoples, you can also with your animals. Also, the photo will not be well but it can more entertain people and you will get more likes and shares on Facebook or Instagram etc.

Edit And Manage Your Photos

how to take a selfie in the mirror

Taking selfie is not complete work, you must edit it as well. So check out blow tips for batter managing selfies.

13.) Edit photo

After taking selfies, you must edit it because something are like that they only go via photo editing like clearing pics, change background, remove shadows and much more. So before uploading your selfie just try editing it a little. But remember don't over edit your pic, its spoil so use a little editor and make cool pic.  

14.) Use Filter Feature

Use once filter and check which is best for your pic. With the help of filters, color and light can be used to add favorite dimensions in your selfie. There are many editor apps are available by help those, you can make your photo fantastic so try that.

15.) Upload your selfie on social media.

I think you must use more than one social media networks. After making your selfie perfect just upload your selfie everywhere and share your selfie on Facebook, Twitter, Pin and Instagram to show all your friends and check responses of them. But remember that make a best circle and relationship with your followers because its gives a higher chance to get a hug likes and comments on social medias.

Over To You :
We covered all important tips for taking a better so do not be disappointed and show selfie openly to the whole world. In 9th point, we teach you also that how to take a selfie without a front camera and best guide for take a selfie with camera. I hope you liked it so share it more and more.

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