Best Trick to Charge Your Phone by Friend's Phone

How to charge smartphone without charger

If you searching ! how to charge a phone battery without a charger ? Then you're on right place because we have a easy way for phone to phone charge transfer. Sometimes we have to forget our charger, which is a big problem so If you do not have a charger, then you can charge your phone through someone else's phone via this trick. In this process, your friend can help you, because the smartphone which you want to charge can be charge through your friend's smartphone.

Now a days the battery of the smartphone ends very quickly because the phone have many features that consume more battery. And you also know that it is also not possible to carry a charger everywhere and if the phone's battery is lost on the way so for these types problems this trick can be best for you.

Something that you need to charge phone without charger port.
  1. One is the USB cable.
  2. One is OTG cable.
  3. Your friend near you.
  4. Your friend's smartphone that is full charge.

How to Charge Your Phone Without a Charger - The Easy Way

There are some steps to complete it so read carefully and use them via you.

Step - 1

For this, you must first put your phone that you want to charge and the phone to charge it together.

Step - 2

After connect OTG cable and USB cable among each.

Step - 3

Now connect both the left cables of the USB cable and OTG cable to the phones and Connect other phone like this.

Step - 5

After that you will be able to see that your phone will start charging.
Now you have to done for all process and you can use this trick anywhere.

Conclusion : 
So that was only a simple trick to charge your phone without charger. If you found this useful then save our site for your further help.

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