5 Works That You Can Done Without Data in Your Android Phone

Android is a world's largest and popular operating system. Android is being more powerful day by day and we can do anything on that like a computer today. The reason of its popularity that this operating systems come with many features and tools that are most useful for us.

How to Works Done Without Data in Your Android Phone?

Users can do many interesting works in Android devices with the help of internet as something booking, watch movies, reading news,  gaming etc.

But you know that without internet you can do a lot of works in the Android device. Today, we are going to tell you that working how to do in this article.

1.) Chatting :
Whatsapp, Facebook is the best places to to send messages for chatting but you can do only online messages. So if you want to send message without internet then download Firechat in your phone then your problems can be solved. With this app, you can chat with people who are within 200 feet.

2.) Document Editing :
Google Drive is the most popular cloud storage of this time because millions of user use it every time. You can also edit documents in Google Drive, even when you are not connected to the Internet.

3.) Read News Or Article :
If you like to read interesting articles then don't worry about internet. Just open your Android device and read the news without data on a android app that name is Pocket App.

4.) YouTube Video
On the YouTube app, you can watch videos without internet. But for that you need to save videos in offline mode. These videos can be viewed offline, but keep in mind that not every video is available to save offline.

5.) Mapping :
One of the most used apps for navigation is Google Maps. And you can use this app offline as well. Users can download a map of a particular area in the phone. After that you can see that map even after being offline.

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