How to Play Hidden Games in Your Smartphone : Follow Steps to Play

Smartphones is the best option to the entertainment at this time because that has many features to enjoy. Although most smartphone users and you may be also do not evenknow all the features of the smartphone.

How to Play Hidden Games in android smartphone.

So in this guide we are going to share the tracks to find the hidden games to your android smartphone.

So If you love gaming, then read this and get about 3 such hidden games, which is present in your phone and you can enjoy these games without internet.

Play 3 Hidden Games In Your Android Phone : Follow Steps

1.) Hidden Android OS Game :
Every android phone has this game so for this follow the steps :
  • Go to your phone's settings. Tap on About Phone option here.
  • After this a new window will open. Here you will see About Version or Android Version just quickly tap this frequently.
  • Now you see the color changing Android icon Now tab it with a pause. By doing this, the game will be open.

2.) Chrome Dinosaur Game :
This game can be played in the google chrome web browser with the smartphone.
  • Turn off your phone's data to play it.
  • After that open the chrome browser, you will see a dinosaur with the message of you are offline.
  • Clicking on this and your game will start.

3.) Football Game :
This game will be found on Facebook Messenger that you know very well.
  • To play this, go to the chat and go to emoji. After that tap on the football.
  • With whom you want to play this game, send him football.
  • Now tap on the ball game will start.

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