How to Protect Your Pen Drive data By Password Without Software

If you have laptop or computer then you must have personal and working data in your storage but if the storage is full then this situation, the data can not be delete because that data is important for you and also can not store it in your laptop or computer because the storage is full. So now only one way you will have that use an extraordinary device such as PenDrive or USB drive to store data.

How to Protect Your Pen Drive data By Password Without Software?

However, your personal data may be in danger at the moment when this pen drive accidentally leads to someone else's hand. Because every one can see your pen drive data like personal photos, videos and documents in any laptop and can steal it and harm you because that drive is not protected by password.

So if you want to remove this problem on your PC then you need to password protect your pen drive or USB drive. Then in this guide we are going to share that how to protect your personal pen drive data by password on your computer or laptop.

How to Protect Your Pen Drive Private data By Password ?

So for this, you have two ways to protect the pen drive with password without software.

1.) BitLocker Drive Encryption.
2.) Protect the pen drive through third party software.

Here, we telling you how to setup a password on the BitLocker Drive Encryption.

Step 1- Now insert 5mthe pen drive in computer or laptop.

Step 2- Click on Pen Drive. Here you will see many options, just select Turn on Betallock option.

Step 3 - Now a window will open where you will see "Use a password to unlock the drive". Click on the box next to it.

Step 4 - Now choose a hard password that you can remember. To confirm this, you have to type twice. Now click on Next option.

Step 5 - Now you will have an option whether you want to save and print the recovery. If you feel that you can forget this password, you can print it too. Click on Next option.

Step 6 - Your BitLocker Drive Encryption will now start. Wait for it to be complicated.
Step 7- After Encryption is complete, close it.

Step 8- Now your pen drive is completely secure through password and only you can see the data inside it.

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