After Block or Hide, How to See the Last Seen on WhatsApp

Instant messaging app Whatsapp is so popular among their users. So you can see 90% users are active every time. But because privacy is the best option on social sites to be safe on that. So you see some users on Whatsapp hide their last scene to keep maintain their privacy.
Though stills can be seen even after hiding. All you need to do is download and install an app.
How to Check Whatsapp Last Seen if Hidden or Blocked

If you also want to see the last scene of the WhatsApp user in your contact and want to know how long and how long it is online, then follow these steps.

How to Check Whatsapp Last Seen if Hidden

How to Check Whatsapp Last Seen if Hidden ?

Step 1- First you need to install the WhatsDog name app from Playstore. Now when you open this app, you will get a link. Copy that link and use this on browser that you use. After this you will have a download option, download that file.

Step 2 - Sign in now on WhatsDog application. You can also sign in via Facebook or Twitter.

Step 3 - After signing into App, all the contacts present in your phone will be visible here.

Step 4- Now select the contact, whose last scene you want to see.

Stap 5 - Now you will see all details related to the last scene of the contact you have selected.

Note : This result will not appear immediately and it can take 24 hours to update.

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