Airtel and Celkon's New Celkon Smart 4G Phone Only at Rs 1349

India's biggest mobile networking company launched a 4G smartphone with celkon. We recently got a new that airtel company and Carbon, launched the Carbon A40 Indian A 4G smartphone.

Specifications of Airtel celkon new 4G smartphone.

How You will Buy This Phone?

The real value of this smartphone of Airtel is Rs 2849. Customers will be given 2849 rupees while buying the phone. After that customers will get a cashback of Rs 1500 after that the phone will be in Rs 1349.

How You Will Get Cashback ?

For the refund, you will have to recharge 3000 rupees in the first 18 months for a refund of Rs 500, and in the next 18 months, another 3000 will be charged for recharging. After this 1000 rupees refunds will be done. Customers will be given Rs 2849 for purchasing this phone, after they will get cashback of Rs 1500. To get this cashback, customers will have to recharge Rs 169 every month for the next 36 months.

Airtel's Plan of 169 Rupees :

Airtel has a tariff of Rs 169 on 'Celkon Smart 4G' in which customers will get 500 MB data per day and unlimited voice calls will also be offered. The validity of this plan is 28 days.

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