How to Block Popup Notifications and Ads in Your Smartphone

Smartphone is the best choice for entertainment but users often have trouble with pop-up notifications and ads. These notifications and ads can be costly for you because that consume your internet data fastly.
How to Block or Off popup ads and notification in smartphone ?

Now a days, in new phones the pop up ads is a normal thing because people keep ON their data every time so the advertisement open automatically. This post is written after asking a question by a user that how do i stop pop up ads on my android phone?

So do you know ? that these notifications can be blocked. If you are also troubled by these notifications, then follow these steps that how to block Popup ads and notification in the smartphone.

How to Stop Unwanted Ads on Android Phone ?

For this just follow blow steps to get rid of pop up ads on your phone notification bar.

Step 1- First open the browser that you use.

Step 2- Now click on the three dots on the top section. Now click on the setting.

Step 3 - You will see many options here. Now select the Site Settings option.

Step 4- Here you will find pop up notification option then click on it.

Step 5 - Turn off notifications by tapping on this. Now you will not see any ads and popup notifications in your phone.

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