How to Get Bokeh Effect on Single Camera Android Phone Like Dual Cameras?

These days, the dual camera is trending part of new smartphone users because the the dual camera phone can change your photo clicking and video making experience. This is the reason that smartphone companies also improving the camera feature with the rear dual camera in their device. 
How to Get Bokeh Effect on Single Camera Android Phone ?

The Bokeh Effect is also trending in capturing pics now a days for it you need to good dual camera phone but in this guide we are to share a trick to get Bokeh Effect in your single camera smartphone.

You will find dual camera features in many ranging phones like budget ranges to mid range and high range smartphones. However, a good dual rear camera phone can be expansive for you so if you do not want to spend money on a new smartphone, then read this post to get the background blur effect like dual rear camera in your single camera phone.

So Let's know...

How to Get Bokeh Effect on Single Camera Android Phone ?

For this, we can't change anything in your single camera phone but we will use a best android app to get this amazing effect so follow blow steps.

Step 1) First of all, you need to download the Google Camera app from Play store.

Step 2) After installed, you will find many options in the here, but to get the Bokeh effect you have to choose the lens blur option.

Step 3) After selecting this option, the phone will capture the Bokeh effect with the help of this camera app. Now you have to click the photo in the phone with the help of the app and you will be able to get your perfect Bokeh effect click.

This app has many different effects like Photo Sphere, Panorama, Slow Motion so use this app and enjoy.

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