How to Know When Your Gmail Was Read After Sent

In this world, a lot of users use Gmail for sending or receiving emails, but they do not know much about gmail. So we here telling you a trick for you that like Whatsapp you can also see on Gmail when your mail was read.
How to Know When Your Gmail Was Read After Sent?

This a trick not any gmail feature so Gmail users just use this trick and know when the mail was read.

How Do You Know If Someone Has Read Your Email?

So now let us know the trick that how to know if email was read gmail ....follow the steps. ..

Step 1 - First click on the 3 dot in the right side of Google Chrome on your laptop or computer after that click on more tools. Here you will Extension just click on it.

Step 2 - Now a window will open just Click on Get more extensions there. Now search mailtrack for Gmail & Inbox : Email tracking in the search bar.

Step 3 - Now an extension will open in front of you now. Download it and install it in Chrome. After logging in to Gmail click on Activate Mailtrack. Now after activation, click on the Allow action.

Step 4 - Now when your Gmail mail will be read, you will receive a notification that when was read your mail after sent or not read. Also, you'll see 2 blue tunes like Whatsapp in front of the inbox in the mail.

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