How to Use Jio Unlimited Internet Data Without Changing Your Old Number

Reliance Jio is a bigger data sharing service now a days and constantly bringing new offers for its users. So If you are user other data sharing service then you must use it one time because it is best service. 

How to Port Your Number in Jio without change old number ?

Many other company user want to enjoy the services of Reliance Jio but can not because they have personal number. So in this guide we are telling you that you can take advantage of the services of Reliance Jio without changing your mobile number. Ok let's know the process of this.

For this you will need to use Mobile Number Portability (MNP). In the MNP users can keep their old numbers after chsnging service. MNP is the best option for users because they choose any company from any company. With this, you can enjoy your number without service for free.

How to Port Your Number On Jio?

  • Just send a message to your telecom operator about information to port the number. Write PORT and send it to 1900. After that you will get a unique porting code from 1901 number. It will be valid for 15 days.
  • Now go to a Reliance Jio Mobile Store or retailer. You will also need to enter the porting code while filling the customer application form. Submit the necessary documents (ID proof, address proof and a passport photo).
  • Now you will be given a Reliance Jio SIM card. After activating this SIM you will also use your old number and your old SIM will be closed forever.

Note : Reliance Jio SIM may take 7 days to activate. During ports, your number may not work for two to three hours. Keep in mind that you cannot port the same number again to another telecom operator for 90 days of porting the number.

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