Is Your SIM Registered to Anyone else, How to know? Simple Steps

Buying SIM on fake ID is so big crime now a days. If you have bought a new SIM and you want to know that your SIM is registered with whose name, then use our only three simple steps. Many times shopkeeper uses someone's ID on your sim number that called fake Id and your Id on someone's number. That is really a big crime so for that you need to check your sim that what name is running on your personal number. That is very simple method and you can do it in some time.

How to find the name of id that is on your Id?

So now let us tell you how to find the name of the personal whole name is listed on your sim cars.

Requirements :
A smartphone must be on this process  Because a smartphone app is detect your number's I'd name in just few seconds.

How to Find The ID Name That Is Attached to Your Number ?

So now we come to the main points, if you want to search phone number details with name then you need to install mobile app of the company whose number you are using.
Suppose you are using Idea, airtel, Vodafone etc then just go to the the Google Play Store and search your operator official mobile app.

Note : The process of identifying the names of SIM Owners in all is exactly the same.

How to find out the number's ID of SIM user ?

1.) First of all, download your operator App at Play Store. After that, some permissions will be asked. Allow the permissions to be installed when the application is installed.

2.) Open it and it will ask your number just enter your mobile number. As soon as you enter your mobile number, your number will get an OTP (One Time Password) put it in the app. After entering it, your account will be opened.

3.) Now at the top you will see three lines on the corner. Here you will find your profile. When you go to your profile, you will see your full detail here of your number that whose name is listed on your sim card.

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