Selfie with Gomaata Contest, How to Participate in This?

Cow is one of the most important animal in Hinduism because they worship her as mother that is great thought. So we telling you a interesting contest to protect the cow. This initiative has been named Selfie with Goumata. 
How to Participate in Selfie with cow contest ?
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This is a contest in which people must send one of their selfies with the cow. You need download An app for this contest.

How to Participate in This Contest?

Gau Sewa Parivar, an NGO, started this Contest from the year 2015. To participate in this contest, you must install a GOSEVA PARIVAR app and must take a selfie with the cow. This app has been launched by Gau Seva Institute.

This contest is divided into three categories, which include selfies, selfie with families and selfies with friends, after that people can send their selfies to three categories.

Timing :
The Contest has started on October 16 and will run till December 31.

When Will Result Come?

The result of this contest will be released on January 21, 2018.

Note : You can just click Selfie with a native cow or Indian breed cow to participate in this contest.

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