WhatsApp New Extra Power Feature For Group Admin

On this time the Whatsapp is one of the most chatting apps and the best thing is that they add new features day by day. So every day some new features can be seen on this app, which arguably improves users experience.
WhatsApp New feature of extra power for group admin.

SO They added another a new feature on the their beta version.

A new feature is available on beta version 2.17.387 for testing. This new update is for special Whatsapp group administrators, where the group creator will get extra power.

A new feature recently thwy add that if a WhatsApp user changes his phone number then he will not need to send his new number to every contact, because the number will automatically sent to other contacts by changing the number. . Also, if users want, only a few of their contacts can allow users to make this notification. After which others will not get this information.

What is Extra Power Of Group Admin ?

According to WABetaInfo Twitter handle, a new feature will be for the the group admin. With the help of this feature, the group creator will have an additional power on WhatsApp that can prevent any other admin to deleting the group. So in short we can say that anybody cant delete the group only group creator can do it now.

This new WhatsApp feature is currently for testing, and hope that will come for Android users soon. Let us know that recently, the company has introduced many more features like live location. Through this, users can share their live location.

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