How to Download Videos of Facebook and YouTube

Top social media and video watching sites YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are growing fastly. They are giving many features for the users for make interesting them. The most important feature is video sharing and watching now a days.

How to download videos from facebook, instagram and youtube?

So If you are a Facebook, Youtube or Instagram user, you may have seen such videos many times while using them, but you can't download them because they do not give any feature to download videos.

However, if you want to download videos from these sites in your phone, Then use our blow tricks to download videos from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

How to Download Video from Facebook, Youtube to Computer Or Android?

Now follow blow tricks to download or save videos from facebook, instagram and youtube on android.

Step 1- First click on that video of youtube, Facebook or Instagram, which you want to download.

Step 2- Now, you need to Video url. Copy the URL of the video from here.

Step 3- Now open the https://keepvid.com/sites/download-youtube-video.html or http://www.downvids.net/ site in the Next tab. This is a video downloading video.

Step 4 - Paste the url of that video into the paste URL option here.Step 5- After this, click the download option beside it. Now your video will be downloaded.

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