How to See Your Phone's Screen On Friend's Smartphone?

Smartphone technology is growing day by day. You know phone making companies updating their phone with the latest features. Today, we going to share a trick in this, you can see the screen of your smartphone by sharing it on another smartphone.

How to See Your Phone's Screen On Friend'save Smartphone?

So if you want to share the screen of the smartphone, then learn our easy trick. After that you can see your phone's screen in anybody's phone and see your friend's screen in his phone.

How to See Your Phone's Screen On Friend's Smartphone?

For this, you have to download some aapp in your friend's phone like ScreenShare or inkwire, it can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

1.) Download and install ScreenShare app from Google Play Store first. Keep in mind that this app should be in two Android devices in which you want to see the screen.

2.) After that, click on the ScreenShare service in the menu given in the ScreenShare application. After this, set up a wireless network through Bluetooth in both Android smartphones.

3. After this, pair the Android device via Bluetooth, after that you will get the connected option in both the devices. If not connected, try again.

4.Once you have a connection to the device, you can control your Android device from another Android device.

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