How to Change Voice Message into Text in One Click on WhatsApp?

If you're a WhatsApp user then you must know that this app is a most commonly used chatting app in the world. The company gives many interesting features on their updates which give better experience on the messaging and calling.

How to Change Voice Message into Text in One Click?

WhatsApp users try many tricks on Whatsapp but it is possible that you do not know many of its tricks and features.
So Today, we are talking about a best trick with the help of this you can turn the voice message into text on the WhatsApp.

How to Change Voice Message into Text In the WhatsApp?

If you want to enjoy this trick, that how to convert a voice message into text then follow blow steps.

Step 1.) To use this trick, you first need to download an app from Google Play Store on your smartphone. That name is Transcriber for whatsApp.

Step 2. ) Now go to your WhatsApp Account, now open that contact where you want to change the voice message in the text, open it. Now select the message that you want to change. You can select messages for which you are not clear in hearing.

Step 3.) Now after selecting the message you have to choose the share option from the above options. After that you will have many options, here select Transcriber for whatsApp option.
Step 4.) After selecting this option, this app will convert the voice message to text on your screen.

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