How to Create GIFs with Stop-Motion in Instagram

Popular selfie or photo sharing portal Instagram, recently added new interesting features including super zoom and Halloween based face filters. Right now, the company has released a new tool Stop-Motion for the stories, where users can easily create GIFs.

how to make a gif for instagram like photoshop in stop motion?

It will be available in Instagram's latest version 21.0 iOS and Android. Let us know how this feature works.

This new Instagram's feature is for both iOS and Android smartphone users. So you have to update your insta app for this.

How to Create GIFs In Instagram Via Stop Motion :

So follow the blow steps that how to make a gif for instagram like photoshop after that post your gif on instagram in android.

1.) Open the Story Camera in Instagram. At the same time, you can swipe the camera on the home page and launch the camera.

2.) Within the Vertical Shutter button you will see a new tool that called stop-motion. Now with the help of this tool you will be able to capture a lot of image and make GIF together with all of them.

3.) You can easily use many photos to create a GIF. It also depends on your phone's storage. Once you click on the photos, it will automatically convert these pictures into a GIF.

Note : You can not choose the photos to create a GIF from your library. Because you can make GIFS from captured pics.

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