How to Check a Virus in Download File? Follow Steps

Internet surfing is a daily basis work now a days because we done many works on the the internet like watching videos, chatting, gaming and downloading many types of files as PDFs, music and movies, etc in your smartphone or laptop. But if you download daily these files then that can affect your laptop or smartphone because some files have viruses and malware on the internet that are so dangerous and they can completely destroy your data and device.

How to Check a Virus in Download File? Follow Steps

Although without downloading the files it is difficult to know whether they have a virus or not.

How to Know That The File Has Virus Or Not?

We are going a process where you easily will know that the downloading file has a virus or not. So follow the tricks.

Go to www.virustotal.com Website :
Here we are going to tell you about a website, through which you can easily get information about the downloading file. The name of this website is www.virustotal.com.

How to Use ?
Open the site and upload here whatever file you downloaded, without opening it. This website will provide information about that the file has a virus or not. It also shows that the file does not contain malware or trojan. You will also get viruses and scanning details.

You can Check URL :
you can check the url of the any website by pasting here. Here you will know that the website you are visiting is safe or not.

Note : If you want to know about any files like song, videos, PDF, Music etc., then you can find out in Direct Search here.

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