How to Know This Photo Is Fake? Top 3 Tricks

If you are on a social networking site, then you must see many fake images on Facebook, WhatsaApp and other social sites. These pictures look absolutely real and sometimes people create fake pics by real photos. Such photographs make fake news on the Internet and give misinformation to millions of people.

How to Identify the real and fake images?

So If you want to identify these images or photographs then today we are telling you some tricks, from which you can identify the difference between real and fake pictures.

How to Identity the Fake Pics ?

Follow blow tricks to know information about real or fake pictures.

Tricks 1.) Use www.tineye.com Tool
Some websites are available to identify the pictures. With the help of this online tools you can identify fake and real photos.
So go to www.tineye.com.
Now uploads that picture.
After that the pic will come with many photos related to the results.
From here you will find the real and duplicate image.

Tricks 2.) Use fotoforensics.com tool :
Apart from this, you can also take help of a site named fotoforensics.com. There are two ways to Identity photos on this site. By uploading the photo URL address and second direct photo. On uploading the photo on this site, it creates a second scratch copy of the photo, which shows the identity of the photo. Wherever the editing will be done on the photo, there will be a white with scratch.

Tricks 3.) Use Google
If you want information about an image, then go to Google Image Options and upload that image. Now all the information related to that image will be revealed to you and your Confusion will be cleared.

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