How to Secure Your Email ID? It Can be Hacked

Almost all Internet users use EMails for sending and receiving important informations in face of business, personal e-mails and other type works. Google services or Gmail is the most using service for mailing in the world. But let me tell you that there are no any mail service that is completely safe.

How to Secure your email id from hackers?

So for Emailing, if you use Google, Yahoo or other service then hackers can hack your email. Because peoples use most important information in their mails so hackers trying hacking these for the blackmailing you for the money.

So if you want to keep secure your email then we telling you a safe option that you can use the ProtonMail service for this. This is a free service that transmits your mail to a secure receiver.

How ProtonMail Service Work ?

This service works on Protonmail end-to-end encryption, just like Whatsapp. No third party can see your e-mails in it. This service protects all information from users' mails.

You need to a password when sending mail in the ProtonMail service, through which the receiver will only be able to check these e-mails.

Apart from this the sender can also set a timer with these e-mails. According to this timer, these e-mails will be automatically deleted in the same time and the mails will be secured from any third party hacking.

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