How to Unblock Yourself When Anyone Blocked You on WhatsApp ?

Instant messaging app WharsApp is quite popular among internet users. They every day update the app for new and best features for the user. So today we are not going to share any new feature of WhatsApp because we telling you a special trick today.

how to unblock yourself on WhatsApp 2017?

You know user can block any of their contacts on Whatsapp. Although there is a trick for solve it.

If one of your contact like friend, girlfriend or other has blocked you on Whatsapp and you want to unblock yourself then just follow our blow steps.

How to Unblock Yourself On WhatsApp ?

Step 1-) Open WhatsApp and go to settings. Now go to the account and tap on the delete my account. It will ask your number so just enter your Whatsapp number.

Step 2-) After deleting, Now uninstall WhatsApp from your mobile. After that restart the mobile.

Step 3-) Now Download Again WhatsApp from the Play Store and install and enter your mobile number. You are now unblocked for all the contacts who have blocked you.

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