Top 5 Great Features of Gmail, You Don't Know

Gmail is a most used google email service. There are many features or tricks we use on daily basis on Gmail. But today we are going to tell you some of the special features of Gmail. These features are going to come in handy for you. You may hardly know about these features of Gmail.

Top gmail tricks and tips 2017.

Top 5 Features Of Gmail That You Don't Know :

So we are given a list of top Features of Gmail. So use gmail tricks and secrets 2017 and be like the power user and make easy your work on Gmail.

Colorful Stars:
In Gmail, you can useyellow, red, blue, green, sentry and pink star. For this go to Gmail's settings. Scroll down a bit so you will get a section of the star below. Here you select the color of the star.

Unsend Messages:
With this feature you can unsend your sent email on gmail. Bu using this feature your mail will not reach the receiver. For this, just go to the settings of your Gmail and enable UNDO SEND. There is a condition in it that you can take a time of 5 seconds to 30 seconds.

This means that within 30 seconds of sending the message, mail must be sent to UNDO. After limit Mail can not be deleted after this.

Search Anything Correct:
If you want to search an old mail or some time old mail or want to see the mail of a particular subject then there is facility for Gmail too. For this, click on the arrow in the search bar above Gmail. There you will find all these options.

Block Annoying People:
If you want to block someone then you can do it. For this, then go to a mail from the user that you want to block. At the top, click on the arrow mark coming for reply. Here the block option will be coming to the 8th position. You can block by clicking on it.
Add other Accounts:
If you use multiple email accounts, then you will have to open and separate accounts, but in the Gmail app, you can see many email accounts such as Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, Office 365 etc. So use Gmail App.

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